4 Great Swimsuit Brands that Won't Break the Bank

4 Great Swimsuit Brands that Won't Break the Bank // affordable swimsuits

Believe it or not, but the past few summers I've only had 1 or 2 swimsuits and haven't really gotten into shopping for them. I just never wanted to spend much money on them, and thought the only swimsuits I liked were over $100. However, this year I've discovered a few swimsuit lines that are very affordable but are still high quality, so I've found myself with several really cute and well fitting swimsuits in my lineup this summer! I thought I would share these brands with you!

Barton Springs in Austin, Texas
straw visor + a mint green ribbed bikini

I discovered this brand at Pacsun this year and have been so excited about them! I now have four of their suits and am so impressed with the quality and styles (also worn here & here). They always seem to be on sale online, and I believe their next collection drops any day now!

2. Aerie
I know I talk about Aerie all the time, but I really can't get enough of this brand! Their products are great and their brand message is completely amazing. They have free shipping and returns on swim, so I love that you can try on multiple suits and sizes in the comfort of your own home. They also seem to release new swim collections every few weeks, so I like to check back often! Also, don't forget to check out Aerie's clearance section for an entirely different selection of swimwear and clothes.  

3. Rhythm
I found this brand through Instagram, and while I don't have any of their suits yet, I've heard great things and am obsessed with so many of their designs! They have some really cute prints and color options, and lots of mix and match options as well, which I'm always a fan of with swimwear! 

4. Zara
It's hit and miss regarding how much selection they have, but Zara has some crazy chic swimsuits! I bought a one-piece from there earlier this summer and the quality, price point and uniqueness factors got an A+.  

mint green bikini // la hearts bikini
straw visor
bikini top (c/0)  |  bikini bottoms (c/o)  |  visor  |  earrings

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