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I recently read this post by Sivan Ayla about 3 words that describe her, and immediately wrote it down as a conversation topic for my friend Jo and I for our recent Texas road trip. It turned into such an interesting exercise that I wanted to share it with all of you! 

At first it was difficult to think of words that described me (just like writing about yourself or writing your own resume is so freaking hard), but after asking Jo how she would describe me and paying attention to how I described myself in conversation, I ended up with a list I had to narrow down.

Obviously there is more to ALL of us than three words, but I loved getting down to the core of who I am. 

pretty floral maxi dress | Love, Lenore
simple floral print for summer | Love, Lenore

For as long as I can remember I've been all about seeking inspiration. From saving photo albums of runway shows in high school (in the pre-Pinterest days) to hoarding magazines to soaking up different landscapes and architecture styles while traveling, I love to find inspiration everywhere and in everything. I'm also inspired by people I know and others I don't know, and I've always looked for beauty in my surroundings. When traveling I love to do lots of walking and tend to want to go-go-go so I can take in as much as possible at a new place. When I'm vibing and feeling inspired, I feel so much joy in life! Things are just...right. The periods of time when I'm running low on inspiration leave me feeling down. As a blogger and photographer, it's important for me to stay inspired, but beyond that, I feel so much personal fulfillment when I am! Seeking beauty and inspiration in the everyday and in the extraordinary truly propel me!  

Empathy has always been at the top of every strengths-finder test I've taken, so I figured it should make this list! I've always had a strong intuition about how people are feeling, and if they need comfort, encouragement, approval, etc. I feel I can read the vibe of a room or a conversation, and if things aren't going well I tend to jump in with some kind of statement that will ease tension or provide comfort or resolution. Growing up in a family of non-sensored, super assertive people, I was always putting this to the test! The issues of others have always weighed heavy on my heart, and for that reason I guard how much I watch or read the news. I also believe that diversity is our greatest strength, and that one person's talents, skills or knowledge can fill another's gaps. I love to figure out what other people's strengths and passions are so that I can better understand them! It's also important to me that people feel loved and encouraged, and I think that's why I secretly yearn for people to think of me as kind and caring. Being an empathetic person can be heavy at times, but I really try to put it to good use!

While I definitely have strong opinions on things, overall I'm pretty open-minded. I like to hear all sides of an argument so that I can mull things over things before forming my own opinion (the INFP in me). I'm not a very stubborn person, which I think contributes to my open-mindedness. Like I mentioned above, I'm a strong believer in diversity (of all sorts) and am accepting of all walks of life. I believe there is a place for everyone! I think my open-mindedness also takes form in that I'm kind of up for anything. I'm open to switching plans, trying new foods, and seeing where the day takes us. The only cons I can think of to my being open-minded are that I can be quite indecisive (because I'm truly up for whatever), and that I can sometimes be a bit easily influenced by someone I look up to or trust or by an emotional plea (^^empathy). But at the end of the day I'm happy to be an accepting and receptive person. 

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I would love to know if you try this out, and what your three words are! Not only does it make for an interesting conversation with your significant other or a friend, but I think it's a great tool to be able to describe yourself so succinctly! Not only does it give you a sort of elevator pitch (or the foundation for one), but it's also quite peaceful to really know who you are.

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