3 Things I Drink Daily for Better Health

3 Things I Drink Daily for Better Health | Love, Lenore
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Lately I'm giving into my inner hippie and inner wanna-be nutritionist and fully embracing the holistic lifestyle. Give me allllll the wellness tips lately -- I can't get enough! With my renewed commitment to wellness, I've getting into some really positive daily habits, and one of them is mixing in some drinks (beyond just water) that are great for health! Here are 3 things I'm drinking [pretty much] every day right now...

why I drink warm water with lemon every morning | Love, Lenore

01 | hot water with lemon
This is nothing new and I've seen tips to drink this every morning at least 100 times. But I'm finally doing it! Reason one: when you wake up in the morning you're a bit dehydrated. Your body has been working throughout the night without taking in hydration.  So definitely make it a habit to drink some form of water first thing in the morning. Reason two: warm water, especially first thing in the morning, helps to flush the digestive system (never a bad thing). Reason three: lemon also helps to detox the body, so paired with warm water you're getting a nice little flush. Reason four: this detox + the vitamin c in the lemon are great for skin (vitamin c helps to boost collagen production)! 

Drinking this first thing in the morning while I have my quiet time with the pups has turned into such a relaxing ritual for me! Anything that helps me start my day stress-free is such a bonus. I've found an easy way to make my daily warm lemon water. Once a week or so I slice up a lemon and store the slices in a tub in the fridge. Each morning I grab a mug, plop in a slice of lemon, and pour hot water over it. After it steeps and cools for a couple of minute I remove my lemon slice and it's ready to go! Quick tip: We don't drink coffee, so I just use my Keurig for quick hot water. It makes this process so quick in the mornings!

02 | liquid chlorophyll
I've written about liquid chlorophyll before, but I've recently started drinking it daily again! Chlorophyll is not to be confused with chloroform haha. Chlorophyll is part of the photosynthesis process in plants and is one of the nutrients found in green, leafy vegetables. Some of its benefits include cleansing/detoxing, healing, cell renewal, and helping with iron levels, redness, inflammation and more! Heck. Yes. I simply add a teaspoon or so to a glass of water at lunchtime every day. It helps to change things up from my regular water, and I like that I'm getting extra health benefits. I buy this brand from a local health food store, but there are lots of places to order online.

03 | herbal teas
My recent nighttime routine is to wind down with a cup of hot herbal tea. It's so so relaxing, and there are health benefits too! I alternate between peppermint tea (aids with digestion, so is great to drink between dinner and bed) and dandelion root tea (in a nutshell: aids liver function so that it expels toxins before they make it to our skin). If I want an extra skin boost, I'll stir in a tablespoon of collagen powder.


Let me know if you liked this post, and if you have requests for other wellness topics! I'll be sharing my experience with my Keto-ish reset soon!  

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