27 Things You May not Know About Me

Hi guys! I truly can't believe it, but I'm 27 today! To celebrate, I'm sharing 27 things you may not know about me...

01 | If I were going to college today, I would go for nutrition or dietetics and go a totally different route than PR. I don’t necessarily dislike PR, I’ve just found I’m passionate about wellness and nutrition!

02 | Before meeting Trey, I dreamed of moving to a big city and thought I wouldn’t get married until my late twenties or even thirties. However, life fell into place and I got married young and we’ve found ourselves happily living in a smaller town. We do love to travel to big cities and the coasts as much as we can though!

03 | I have one sister, and we’re opposites in so many ways! But now that we’re adults we’re very close.

04 | I ate strictly gluten free for two years in college to repair my digestive system after long-term antibiotics (for my acne) wrecked me. Now I’m trying grain free, and may go back to gluten free permanently since I’m actually gluten intolerant!

05 | My style used to be very preppy and I loved J.Crew and wearing bright colors! If you’ve followed me for a long time you may remember those days ;) But if you’re newer in the past year or two, that may be a shocking fact!

06 | When we bought our home we thought we would love doing fixer upper projects ourselves. But years later, we’ve discovered we truly do not enjoy them and would rather invest our time and money into experiences and travel! On the next go, I’d like something slightly more turn-key or be able to budget in having someone else do most of the work for us.

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07 | I went to the University of Missouri and was a member of Chi Omega. I decided to rush because I barely knew anyone at Mizzou going into it, and as an introvert, I knew it would help me to meet people and get involved on campus!

08 | I have three small tattoos! One I really don’t love (I was 18 and wasn’t picky enough), but the other two are special to me! I do want one or two more small ones and have a couple of spots saved for special things in the future.

09 | I played classical piano and violin growing up (piano for 12 years and violin for nine). However, I haven’t played either since graduation from high school and have a feeling I’ve completely lost all of my skills.

10 | I have a deviated septum and can’t breathe well through my nose. I try really hard to not be a mouth breather! I was actually talking with a doctor about getting a nose job several years ago, but then Trey and I got engaged and I decided I would put my savings toward a down payment instead (great decision lol).

11 | Trey and I LOVE going to concerts together! We’ve seen J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar three times each and our first concert together was the Watch the Throne tour with Kanye and Jay-Z. Some other favorites have included Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, and Gary Clark Jr.

12 | My favorite number has always been 27, and I have no idea why. Crazily enough, it’s also the favorite number of two of my closest friends!

13 | My top 3 celebrity “crushes” (such a dumb word haha) would have to be Liam Hemsworth, Kevin Love and Michael B Jordan (since the Friday Night Lights days).

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14 | I live an hour from the closest Chipotle and grieve about it on a weekly basis. It’s my favorite chain/takeout meal! Yes, I’m a basic B.

15 | Food related: leftover chicken makes me want to hurl. So, a lot of meal prep ideas don’t work for me in that regard.

16 | I was born in the San Diego area and lived there until I was nine. Then my family moved to Missouri!

17 | I was obsessed with the Lord of the Rings series in middle school and high school. My family read the books together and we watched the movies all the time. Yes, I was a nerd.

18 | In addition to my full-time job and blogging, I’m also a photographer! You can view my photography website here and my Instagram here. I actually have some weddings booked for this year (both solo and as a second-shooter to Jo) and I’m so stinkin excited! You can read more about how I balance everything here.

19 | I’m an INFP and am very much an introvert. I seem to be surrounded by opinionated extroverts though ;)

20 | Some of my favorite foods are fish tacos, sushi, ramen, and pineapple.

Show Me Your Mumu "darla" top | Love, Lenore

21 | Trey first spotted me at a Mizzou / kU (Kansas) basketball game our sophomore year (people in the midwest will know what a crazy rivalry this was). It took him several weeks of asking around and Facebook stalking to figure out who I was, but when he got my info and reached out we had an immediate connection. I actually remembered distinct times I’d seen him on campus prior to meeting, even though it’s a campus of 27,000+ and we had no classes or friends in common at the time. Definitely a love at first sight kinda thing.

22 | Unfortunately my least favorite food is broccoli (in all forms). The smell, taste and texture have made me gag my entire life! I wish I liked it since it’s so healthy!

23 | Our top bucket list concert we haven’t been to yet is a Kings of Leon show. Trey and I have loved their music for years and years.

24 | I played in junior golf tournaments growing up and for a time thought I would play golf in college. But then I burnt out on it and just wanted to focus on dance (which I ended up doing nothing with after high school ;).  

25 | My favorite alcoholic drinks are rosé, moscow mules and spicy margaritas, but my simpler “healthier” cocktail is a tequila tonic or tequila soda with extra lime wedges.

26 | My biggest pet peeves include: tangled cords, and when a car pulls out in front of me but there’s no one behind me.

27 | We would secretly love to have a third dog, but know it’s not very practical right now with how much we like to travel and go on weekend trips. I make sure to give regularly to Rescue One, a phenomenal animal rescue organization in Springfield!

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If you made it to the end of this post, you're pretty amazing!

I'm so excited to see what this year holds for me! 27 is my number! What I do know is that I love Trey more than ever, I'm blessed with wonderful family and friends, and I've got the cutest fur babies around. This year I'm manifesting good health, lots of unforgettable travel and experiences, and that I see the joy in every day life.   

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