Recovering from Thanksgiving & Cyber Monday

edgy winter outfit with a plaid coat
cute plaid coat over a pink sweater
I feel like I finally have a moment to breathe today! After sleeping in 3 different houses 3 straight nights last week and fitting in 3 Thanksgiving celebrations, cooking, packing, a college football game, two nights out with friends, tailgating, lotttssss of family time, photographing and delivering 3 family photo sessions, doing nearly all of my Christmas shopping, and ordering the last of the stuff for our master bath reno, I'M EXHAUSTED (and feeling broke). Not gonna lie. Last night my niece and I put up our Christmas tree and got it decorated, so it's nice to have that checked off of of my list and to have a little bit of Christmas around the house. Our Christmas tree makes our house feel so homey and gives off such a relaxing vibe that I definitely need in my life these days. I know that I need to keep hustling tonight and need to make a dent in my inboxes, but a night off may not be the worst idea for my physical and mental health either 😅

Anyone else recovering from the craziness of the past week?? I always expect the holidays to be a relaxing time, but they are soooo not that way! 

plaid coat over a turtleneck sweater
how to style a plaid coat
All items are c/o Lulu's: Coat  |  Sweater  |  Jeans  |  Boots

So this outfit accidentally ended up being comprised entirely of pieces Lulu's has sent me at various times! I was so excited to find this cozy, check-print coat at an affordable price! I've been wanting a patterned coat for quite some time to add some interest and a pop of print to my winter outfits (which normally have lots of black), and this one really is great. 

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