Summer Vacation Packing List & Tips

Summer Vacation Packing List & Tips
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Let me start off by saying that packing used to stress me out to the max

I would save it all for late the night before, and would suddenly hate my entire wardrobe at 2am as I was deliriously trying to put outfits together.

While I am by no means someone who gets to travel all the time since I have a full-time job and a mortgage, etc., I do feel like I've gotten to the point where my packing and trip planning process is pretty streamlined and stress-free.

In this post I'm sharing some packing tips, as well as my travel beauty essentials, other items I love to pack, and some of my favorite shopping finds for a summer vacation!

Summer Vacation Packing List & Tips


1 | Roll your clothes
This saves so much space, and I feel like it keeps my suitcase much tidier!

2 | Start writing down outfit ideas a couple of weeks before  
Then when it's time to pack you can just grab those clothes, roll them up, and be done! No middle of the night panicking :) I just make a note on my iphone and add outfit ideas as I think of them or as I order things for vacation.

3 | Also make a packing checklist... 
...on a phone 'note' of all the essentials (phone charger, straightener, extra contacts, etc.). I have a permanent packing checklist that I keep in my notes and reference for every trip - whether it's a weekend trip or a full vacation.

4 | If bringing a hat... it at the bottom of your suitcase and stuff the crown with smaller clothing items.

5 | Be strategic with your carry-on
Bring a change of clothes and your favorite/most valuable items in your carry-on (jewelry, camera, fav pair of shoes, makeup, etc.).

6 | Keep your toiletry bag stocked
I keep my toiletry bag fully stocked with travel sized products at all times so I can grab it and go. I of course throw in a couple of last-minute items, but it's so quick and stress-free to have it all ready! After a trip I always check and see what's running low and restock next time I'm at the store so I'm not ever having to grab things last minute before leaving town.  

7 | Plan your outfits for the color scheme/scenery of where you're traveling
This is something I've thought about since becoming a blogger and Instagram-obsessed person, but I like to think ahead of what the color palette and "look" of the place I'm traveling is. I think plan my outfits accordingly! If there's lots of greenery/trees where you're traveling, white, pink, stripes and florals will all look really nice. If you're traveling to the beach, think white, black, red and stripes. Urban jungle/sightseeing trip? Denim, black, and brighter colors will all look amazing. 

Summer Vacation Packing List & Tips // Rebecca Minkoff cross-body bag


1 | Easy, comfortable sundresses 
for daytime and casual meals

2 | Cutoff denim shorts

3 | Comfortable + versatile sandals 
(2-3 pairs should do)

4 | Breezy tops + tanks

5 | Versatile sunglasses 
(I brought two pairs and only wore one!)

6 | A day-to-night dress, romper or jumpsuit option

7 | A cross-body bag + card case
that fits your essentials only (the less you're lugging around the better)

8 | A cute & comfy pair of sneakers 
for the airport and days with lots of walking

Summer Vacation beauty essentials // Origins 'A Perfect World' skincare


1 | Moisturizer with SPF 
(damaging your skin is not-so-cute)

2 | Makeup remover wipes 
(easy for the airport and save time each night)

3 | Eye cream 
4 | Long-wear foundation 
(because no one wants to be touching up their foundation on vacay)
5 | Versatile lip color 
(this is my go-to)

6 | Spray SPF
7 | Texture spray 
(messy waves that can be repurposed the next day? yes please.)

8 | Spray deodorant 
(game. changer.)

9 | An easy bronzer for that summer glow.


1 | Travel steamer

2 | Portable charger 
(I love not stressing about my phone battery! I have this one.)

3 | Heat resistant covers for hair tools

4 | Polaroid camera 
(not an essential, but it's a fun way to document a trip!)

What are your summer vacation essentials and what are some packing and outfit planning tips that you have? I'd love to know!

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