Culottes... Love Them or Hate Them?

striped culottes
wide leg striped trousers

Let's talk culottes... 

They're definitely a polarizing trend! I actually kinda hated them at first because they reminded me of the stretchy brown gauchos I sported in the year 2000-ish 😱

However, they've steadily grown on me and eventually I caved when I saw these in person and decided they would be a great addition to my summer work wardrobe! I really struggle with what to wear to work in the summer because I don't want to wear black trousers every day, but also don't want to buy a ton of work appropriate dresses and skirts to rotate. Since these are flowy/breathable and are a dressier fabric, I decided to give them a try!

striped culotte pants
striped trousers with a simple white tank

For me to feel good in culottes, I dress them up with an elongating stiletto heel, and then pair them with some sort of simple top or blouse. These pants make quite the statement, so I like to keep everything else very minimal! 

I will say that I feel they look better in person than they do in photos. They're not exactly effortless to I don't 100% love these photos (is that weird to admit since I'm posting them??), but it was ridiculously windy that day and we struggled a little bit to get good shots!

culotte pants for work
stripe culottes
Culottes (I also have these, and love this striped pair)  |  Tank
Heels (also love these)  |  Bracelet  |  Lipstick ('velvet teddy')

So what are your thoughts on culottes? Do you love them, or do you kinda hate them??

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