Bell Sleeves

black hat and tall boots
winter dressy casual - how to dress up a sweater
sweater, skinny jeans, otk boots
embroidered bag
bell sleeve sweater, otk boots
Bell sleeve sweater
Sweater  |  Jeans  |  Identical Boots  |  Hat  |  Similar Bag

Trey's description of this sweater was that it looked like someone knitted it in a home economics class. RUDE. On another occasion he stated that he loved me and loved my style, but just couldn't figure out this sweater 😂 Have I worn it several times anyways? Heck yeah. 
Dusty rose and mauve shades are what I am alllll about lately. It's like there is a magnetic force pulling me toward anything in this general color family. Add in a bell sleeve and I'm done for. It was love at first Forever 21 browse. Much to my chagrin, it's just about sold out :( If they happen to restock I'll be sure to let you girls know. In the meantime, I rounded up several bell sleeves sweaters below! 

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