This Month's Favorites

Favorite Purchase
This adorable saddle-style bag (definitely Chloe inspired) that's a complete steal at just $27 and comes in 3 colors! For more saddle bag options, check out this post from last week. 

Favorite Beauty Finds
I was so excited when Tula & Shopstyle wanted to send me some skincare products because I've been reading nothing but great things about Tula lately! All of their products contain probiotics to improve the health of your skin, but don't have any nasty ingredients you find in a lot of other skincare. I looooove their hydrating day and night cream. It's so silky and moisturizing and gives my skin the prettiest glow. I started off using it just at night, but I recently started using it in the morning too because it makes my makeup look airbrushed and glowy. I can't recommend it enough! I've been using the exfoliating mask once per week to get rid of dry skin, and I like that it does that without drying me out. I've also heard their cleanser and serum are great, and I really really want to try their eye cream. Even though I don't have undereye wrinkles yet, I swear by eye creams to help prevent wrinkles, and to keep that delicate skin from drying out. You can get 20% off your order + free shipping with the code SHOP20!

I also just purchased my 3rd curling wand, a Nume 25mm titanium wand ("magic wand"). In my defense, all 3 of my wands are different sizes and achieve different looks ;) I'm so so happy with this one though! 25mm calculates out to be a 1 inch barrel, which I think is really the perfect size for everyday curls that aren't too tight or too loose! I also like their titanium wands ("magic") better than their ceramic ones ("classic"). This one heats up fast, lets you adjust the temperature, and curls my hair really quickly. I've just started using it this week so I don't have any pictures of my hair styled with it yet. Nume's wands are definitely on the pricier side, but if you watch their Instagram or emails, you can get amazing deals! I got mine for $39 and free shipping! So, I definitely recommend waiting for a good deal and not paying full price!

Favorite New Swimsuit
This l*space beauty (the material is so stretchy & comfy, plus I love the unique straps)!
Favorite Outfit Post(s)
I couldn't pick just one this month because there were so many that I loved and was proud of how they came together!   

Favorite Links
This detailed article about a 'skin cleanse'

This interview with George Clooney from the May 2016 issue of Esquire Magazine. He is my hero. Witty as hell, but also an incredible human rights activist. 

This daytime makeup tutorial by Teni Panosian. I absolutely love her!

This tutorial on how to fold a fitted sheet. I have never learned this skill, and mine just get wadded up in an atrocious, wrinkly ball-haha.

I hope you had a great month as well! My birthday is coming up a week from today, and May is looking like an all-around busy month! Also, pretty please take my blog survey, so I can get some ideas for what content you want to see on here! :)   

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