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Ankle boots are probably my favorite type of shoe (other than heels). I love that they're a way to casually wear a heel without a bunch of people commenting how tall you are in heels or asking why you're so dressed up (anyone else get annoyed by these remarks after awhile? haha). Flat ankle boots are growing on me too though...I used to not love them, but I bought a pair of Chelsea-style boots last year that changed my mind. 

I know it's a little early to really be thinking about fall/winter footwear, but ankle boots are one of my favorite ways to transition to fall (they look adorable with dresses and skirts). I also like to start shopping for a new season before everyone else so that I have a wider selection to choose from! I hate when you fall in love with something but it's already sold out in your size, so I usually shop early for shoes because they're what I'm most picky about.

These range in price from $35-130, but most are under $100. I'm all for cheap shoes, but I've found that when it comes to ankle boots, spending a little more makes a huge huge difference. I definitely recommend buying a quality pair because they'll hold up when you want to wear them all fall, winter and spring :)

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Thanks so much for reading! And if you've found a tan/beige/greige pair of suede booties that you absolutely love, let me know what they are!


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  1. I got these last year for Christmas and I love them! I know they're flat heeled, but they're so comfy.


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