Swimsuit Shopping

Happy Friday! I'm so happy the weekend is here because this week has felt LONG. I'm definitely going through a mini phase where I'm unmotivated to do absolutely everything (although I have been working out). I'm really hoping to snap out of it soon because I have work to do and blog posts to blog!

I came to the sudden realization this week that swimsuit season is here. Like here, here. Sadly, once you exit college and enter the 8-5 office life you don't see the sun very often anymore (#paleyearround), yet I have the irrational urge to buy new swimsuits every spring/summer. I mean, I deserve it for getting back in shape, right? I really do think I could suppress the urge this year minus the fact that we're going to California in a few weeks and this Midwest girl is going to take full advantage of making it to the beach! Seeing the ocean once every two-ish years is killing me. I'm already preparing Trey and my sister for how many blog and Instagram pictures we will be shooting while there (they're both going to hate me by the end of the trip). All of that being said, I've been doing some online swimsuit shopping and beach/lake/pool prep, and wanted to share some of my favorite finds so far! All of my swimsuits are currently from Victoria's Secret because I love how much you can customize their sizing (tiny boobs, big butt problems), and their quality is just so good. But, there are so many other cute ones out there that I may have to expand my horizons this year.

(Click the photos to shop!) 
Have you found any swimsuits or beach totes I should definitely know about?? I'm thinking of ordering this gorgeous-ness in the white/grape tonight because Victoria's Secret has a huge swim sale right now and free shipping through tonight with the code 'TRYSWIM'! I'm also really obsessed with this suit from Forever 21.

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

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