5 Goals for the New Year

This is probably the definition of a #basic post. But I've found that thinking through these goals helps to get me in a more positive mindset, and who can't use a little more positivity? I also want to mix in some more personal / life / real posts this year. I know that my blog is primarily a style blog, but I also want it to be a place where I can look back on years down the road and see where I was at in life, and also a place where I open up and am a real person beyond material things.

1. Invest time in my blog. I thought I would start here since this is indeed a blog and because it's a big part of my life! The last couple of months I've been working really hard to post more often, and while it's a major time investment outside of working full time, I think it's going to be a rewarding investment. I've realized that I need to be really intentional and organized with my time and posts, and I'm definitely ready to take that next step. And hopefully you all will enjoy seeing more posts on here!

2. Go on adventures & travel with Trey. I was very blessed growing up in that I got to travel to quite a few foreign countries and just to travel in general. In college and post college, that has kind of been on hold, but Trey and I really want to make travel a part of our lives. It's so easy to slip into a routine at home, but I find traveling to a new place to be so refreshing and inspiring! New York City kind of kick-started this flame in me and the energy there was so infectious. Trey and I have so much fun together when we travel and explore, so I want to make it a point to save for and plan several weekend trips, sporting events (we are huge sports fans), and 1 or 2 bigger trips when vacation time will allow!

3. Learn more about photography and photoshop. I feel like I've made a lot of progress with my blog photos, but I still know very little about my camera and about photography in general! I want to learn how to really use my camera, and to learn more things in Photoshop (I task I can easily lose hours to). I want my content to continually get better + I want to take amazing photos when we travel ^^!

4. Read more. Growing up, I read a TON. Basically, if I wasn't doing homework, practicing piano or at dance, I was reading. Then in college I had to read so much for school that I lost all interest in reading for fun. But, I really do feel like it keeps your mind healthy and active, and Lord knows I don't need to watch any more TV. I've been asking around and doing some research and these are a few books I'm going to start with...
  • 'The Woman I Wanted to Be' by Diane von Furstenburg (I find her to be so lovely!)
  • 'Something Borrowed' and others by Emily Giffin
  • 'Yes Please' by Amy Poehler
  • 'The Last Summer (of You and Me)' by Ann Brashares
  • 'Gone Girl' (cliche, but basically everyone has recommended it)

5. Step outside of my comfort zone. This is something I rarely open up about... I would 100% consider myself an introvert, but sometimes it's hard to admit that without feeling like you will be judged. I don't see being introverted as a bad thing, but it can definitely be misunderstood. I'm someone who both needs and cherishes quiet time at home, and sometimes I have to push myself a bit to make plans. But that's something I want to really improve this year... To spend more quality, in-person time with friends and to make some new friends too!

Those are my top 5 goals for this upcoming year! I of course am trying to get back on track with healthy eating and being more active after my 6-month-long honeymoon period of eating out and laying on the couch just a little too much... but who really wants to hear all about that? ;)

As always, thank you so much for reading! What are some of your goals and dreams for this new year?


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