Our Engagement Story

So, I may get a bit mushy on you today. In my post on Thursday, I mentioned that Trey proposed on Christmas night, but today I wanted to dedicate a post to our engagement story!

Every Christmas, Trey and I spend Christmas Eve with his family and Christmas Day with my family. We have definitely lucked out that our families do the majority of their festivities on different days! On Christmas day, we opened presents with my family in the morning, and then spent the rest of the morning and afternoon helping with meal prep, watching basketball, and taking a lot of family photos. These two photos are from the afternoon shoot: 

On Christmas evening, we enjoyed an amazing meal and then planned to relax and open the rest of our presents. Apparently, Trey's mom JoAnn, and his brother TJ and his girlfriend Hannah, were supposed to be snuck in to watch the proposal, but my dad messed up and brought them in. Trey and TJ quickly covered up the mishap and said they were stopping by to say hi on the way to a movie! Somehow I fell for this...

We all piled in my family's living room to open presents, and after the last presents were opened, Trey got down on one knee...

I immediate burst into tears and could barely concentrate on what he was saying! Fortunately it was captured in a couple of different videos, so I'll never forget what was said. I love how simple and sweet his proposal was, and that both of our families were there. It was absolutely perfect!

I already love Christmas, but this was not only the best Christmas of my life, but also the best moment of my life so far! 

We're hoping to have a summer wedding, and will do engagement photos in early spring when it's a bit prettier out. I'm trying to get started on the wedding planning process now, but of course the huge decisions like date and venue are the first that have to be made! Once we get these pinned down, I can start in on more of the fun stuff like my dress, wedding colors and decor :) I will definitely be keeping all of you updated though through periodic wedding planning posts!

Thanks for letting me share my story with you! This has been such an exciting time already, and I can't wait to marry Trey!




  1. Oh my God I've not been keeping up much with my fave blogs so I missed this on Thursday, this story is so beautiful and I love that it was so family oriented. Congratulation sweetie you look so happy, these pics of your crying are so touching. Sending you a virtual hug, he's a lucky guy and you're a lucky girl. Xoxo

  2. Oh I'm so happy for you!
    Just by reading this I already start crying, babies and wedding stuff always makes me cry! I don't want to know how I will react when I will be engaged/get babies/..
    Very cute and real-life photos! So nice that your families were there to capture this beautiful moment!
    Congrats to both of you :D xx

  3. Yay!! Congratulations lovely!! Thank you for sharing your special story! I'm so excited to follow all of your wedding details via your blog!!!
    xo Ashley

  4. Too sweet! Congrats again!

  5. congrats! so sweet :)

    xo, lilyonfillmore.com

  6. Awww that's the best way to propose! In front of family and very close friends!
    I feel that its much more special and intimate that way.

    Congratulations to the both of you!!! Both so lovely :) xx

    He did great on picking out the ring!!!! ;)



  7. Oh my gosh!!!! I LOVED this post and CONGRATULATIONS girl!! That is so exciting and your ring is absolutely beautiful!!!

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  8. OMG!!!! That's such a sweet story, and it's so amazing that your families were around. It helps to have them capturing the moment.

    Congrats!!!! :)

    xoxo Jackie

    Something About That

  9. Congrats again- so happy for you! And your ring is so pretty!

  10. Congrats girl! This is seriously so exciting, and how cute! I think it is so special that he proposed in front of both families :) I LOVE your ring, he did an amazing job! I wish you both all the best! Can't wait to see some wedding planning posts :)

  11. Such a sweet story, babe. CONGRATS! :) Happy for you!


  12. Gorgeous ring and huge congrats! Not going to lie - I got a bit teary eyed reading this!
    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  13. Yay congratulations!! How perfect!! Excited to hear all about the wedding planning!

    <3 Shannon

  14. Congrats!!!! Wish you both the best!!! Jacy, I also wanted to thank you for your support and your lovely comments through the year! Thank you, it means a lot! Hope you have. Wonderful New Year!!!
    Xoxoxo Carla

  15. Thank you so much Rachel!! xoxo

  16. Thank you so much!! You are so sweet. And yes, it meant the world to me that both of our families were there :)

  17. Aw, thank you so much!! He did a great job with the proposal and ring :)

  18. Aw, thank you!! I agree that he did a great job with the ring and proposal...it was perfect :)

  19. Aw, you are so sweet! I love all of those things too, and I started crying immediately when he got down on one knee.
    Thank you for the sweet congratulations! xo

  20. I've been out of touch with the blogging world too...but the break was great!
    Thank you so much!! I'm so so happy, and also loved that he involved family. You are the sweetest :)

  21. lovely! congrats for you two
    xo Jessica

  22. Such an amazing story! I love it. Congratulations :*

    ♥ http://sanjaburgundy.blogspot.com/2013/12/close-up-2013.html

  23. What wonderful news! This is such a sweet proposal story. Major props to your man for letting your family be a part of such a special moment! Happy wedding planning! I can't wait to read about the details leading up to the big day :) You're going to be such a beautiful bride! xo

  24. Jacy I am soo happy for you guys! Congrats on your engagement! What a sweet surprise for the holidays! Can't wait to see your wedding posts! What an exciting year for you. Enjoy every single moment girl! I agree with Julia...you are going to make a beautiful bride! Wishing you all the best in 2014! Hope it's even better than the last! :) Rita @ www.CoastWithMe.com

  25. Oh my gosh!! CONGRATS JACY!!! That is so exciting! I'm so happy for you. This must be a popular time of year for engagements. My brother and good friend just got engaged as well. These photos are precious and your ring is gorgeous. Your man did a fabulous job picking that out! I'm so excited to see more photos of your wedding planning! : )



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