it's fashion week!

The madness has begun! Sadly, I'm far away from it all at college in Missouri of all places...but thanks to my internet stalking, I still follow what's going on in the high fashion world, and that consoles me a little. 
I guess my love of fashion took root in high school, because after thinking about my favorite designers the past few days, I realized that the runway looks that I best remember are ALL from my high school years when I first started following the collections.
Here are some of my favorite designers, as well as some of my favorite looks they've created in the past several seasons. It was somewhat painful to narrow these down so much, but obviously necessary. Enjoy :)

Diane von Furstenburg. She's a legend. I've always loved her designs, but grew to really respect her after doing a big project on her in a college class. She is an ever-classy woman, and it's evident that she designs to flatter a woman's body. One of my roommates recently thrifted a dress of her design and gave it to me...needless to say I cannot wait for an occasion to wear it!
DVF Spring 2008 RTW. This structure is ultra feminine.
DVF Fall 2008 RTW. This dress is reminiscent of 40's flapper style.
DVF Fall 2007 RTW. This dress is so striking.

Michael Kors. He is a truly AMERICAN designer, creating clothing that epitomizes luxurious American style. I can only dream of someday owning some of his designs. 
MK Spring 2007 RTW. I love this draped look on Natasha Poly, one of my favorite models. 
MK Spring 2007 RTW.
MK Fall 2007 RTW. How glamorous is this?!
MK Fall 2007 RTW. Lily Donaldson looks incredible.
MK Fall 2011 RTW. Hello draping.

Alexander Wang. This young designer burst onto the scene in 2007 and his fashion brand has really taken off since then. Here is my favorite look of his that I still find relevant in trends today. 
Alexander Wang Spring 2008 RTW. I love this current, relaxed way to wear a blazer.

Elie Saab. Is there anyone with more glamorous designs?? This guy designs my dream gowns, and I feel it would be any woman's dream to wear one of his designs.
Elie Saab Spring 2010 RTW. This beading is incredible.
Elie Saab Spring 2011 RTW. What gorgeous color and structure.
Elie Saab Spring 2011 RTW
Elie Saab Spring 2011 RTW. This gown is perfection. 
Who are some of your favorite designers? Any favorite collections as a whole?

As always, thanks for reading :)


  1. love love love it. keep blogging away because i read every single one of them - Brooke

  2. These orange outfits look so good!

    A from Picture Cocktail


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