lenore lamé

A dream is finally becoming a reality... I have my own fashion blog! I've considered doing this for the past few years, but finally got the push I needed from my friend & talented photographer Jordyn Johnson of Jo Photography. 

The name "Lenore Lamé" seemed just right. Lenore is my middle name, which I have always loved, & lamé is a French word for a fabric with interwoven gold or silver threads. 

Even though I'm not from a big city, I have a love for fashion that extends beyond just shopping, but into the industry itself. Its something I'm always eager to learn more about. Fashion public relations is my dream job, but I also love styling, modeling and all other aspects of fashion. 

Loving fashion doesn't have to involve the world's most stylish cities or the most glamorous labels offering their designs at the most high-end of prices. It's a passion for dressing in what way makes you most alive. I love how unique style can be, & that it can change over time & even day-to-day. You'll see as I chronicle my outfits & tastes that I love many different styles & am constantly striving to mix them together cohesively!  

---> I just had to post this outfit first! I love the unexpected proportions of the boots & the skirt. I feel that the boots really anchor the lightness of the tulle skirt & tie in with the rock 'n' roll feel of the tee. 

Believe it or not, the tee & the skirt were both sale finds at Target. I don't purchase clothing there often, so this was quite the coincidence!

Bangles: a gift to my sister from China. Pinkie ring & spoon ring: vintage. Criss cross ring: Forever 21. 
Over-the-knee boots: Aldo.
Camera necklace: Forever 21.
Jo Photography.


  1. Gorgeous outfit!
    The Beatles would be proud.
    Love the tutu skirt and camera necklace.

  2. LOVE that Beatles top! Thank you for the follow lovely, am also following you now! Excited for future posts!


  3. You're beautiful. Great blog.


  4. I adore spoon rings! I have a few vintage inspired pieces myself. =)


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