all in a cold day's work.

A couple of friends and I had the opportunity last weekend to do a little "modeling" for a photo-mentoring session. The first two photos are from the mentor photographer and the last three are from the photographer being mentored. 
Unfortunately, it was an incredibly cold day, so I couldn't get super creative with my fashion choices, but it was an opportunity to expand on still dressing cute when it's cold out! It's definitely a challenge many of us face depending on where we live, but we don't always have to sacrifice!

Leather jacket, scarf, sweater and jeans: Forever 21. Boots: ALDO.

KC Photography

Leather jacket, top, infinity scarf, jeans: Forever 21. Wedge boots: ALDO.

Ring: ALDO. Nail polish: Revlon in "Stormy". 

Wing earrings: Target.
Kristi Bayer Photography.

In both of these outfits I chose a longer sweater/top because skinny jeans can be hard to pull off in photos at times. Of course, boots and a scarf were essential on a cold day and they're pretty much staples for me in the winter anyways!

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